Celebrate YOU – Day 17

Resilience.  The ability to spring back… The process of adapting… The ability to withstand adversity…

It has been 11 days since I last posted. A lot has happened in those 11 days. The most obvious and heart wrenching being the ongoing struggle happening within our country. Our country’s resilience is once again being tested. And while my personal struggles pale by comparison, their added weight was felt.

My first instinct was to be upset with myself for falling short of my goal to share an attribute a day in January… To judge myself for needing time to recharge. After reflecting I have come to realize that I should extend to myself the same grace I would offer to another.

Yes, it has taken a couple of days to recharge and move forward but I too am resilient. So, today I celebrate and pray for resilience. Resilience for myself and for our country. I also extend grace. Grace to myself for needing time to reflect and recharge. And grace to our country. May we all take a moment or two to reflect and realize that though we will not always agree we can and should extend grace to one another.



For those who are joining today, I have declared January as a month to Celebrate YOU. Please join me by choosing to celebrate one attribute a day that you love about you.


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