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Phyllis Kiernan ~ Mother / Daughter / Sister / Friend / Entrepreneur / Aspiring Author / Spiritual Sponge / Air Force Brat / Empty Nester / Single Woman / Parent of an Angel / ….

Hello! My name is Phyllis Kiernan and while many aspects of who I am have yet to be embellished, let me begin by sharing my aspirations. It is with joy, optimism, and a great deal of faith that I am pleased to share the next few steps of my journey with you. In creating Blossoming As I Am I am stepping forward in faith. Faith that it is okay to have more unanswered questions than answered. Faith that it is okay to move forward knowing mistakes will be made along the way. Faith in knowing that so long as faith and gratitude are the guiding lights, tomorrow will unfold in new and exciting ways! I am also pleased to share that I am working on my first book tentatively titled Blossoming As I Am, Embracing Imperfect with Thankfulness.

My journey is one of finding faith and being lead to share. Faith. It all starts there.

If you are one who sees themselves as damaged, broken, less than; one in search of the how, the why, and the when did I arrive at this place. I have been where you are! Little did I know my quest for answers would be the beginning of a journey filled with amazing spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God. Most importantly, the call to reach out and share! I set out to find answers to the whys and found so much more! Yes, I am afraid but I am finding my voice despite the fear. While I’m not entirely sure I have found the answers, I do know I am learning a great deal along the way. Learning to build up in thankfulness. Learning to start each day with gratitude.


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