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Have you ever heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? I am a firm believer that it does take a village. And that same village can either take down or build up one another. I have found and come to rely on many resources throughout my journey. Resources which have inspired me to be the best that I can be, reminded me that I am enough, and supported many more emotions. It is my heartfelt intent to share those resources along with my own in the hope of giving back and raising up another.

It truly does take a village! Let us all come together and celebrate one another!!

Credits: There will be times when I share pictures and quotes found online. While I may crop causing the author’s name to be removed, credit will be given in the section below. If I post something that you feel you have a copyright on, I can either credit you or remove it. I would ask that you give the benefit of the doubt and send an email. Thank you!

Conversely, I would ask that any content used from any of my sites or avenues be given credit as well. Let’s build up our village rather than take down!

In Alphabetically Order by First Name:
Abraham Maslow
Albert Einstein
Charles Virtue
FB – Assertiveness for Earth Angels
FB – Daily Guides From Your Angels
FB – Positive Vibes Amalayana
FB – The Chrysalis Express Your Wings Are Ready
Funky Lil Diva
Jane Changes
Louise Hay
Maya Angelo
Rita Schiano
Soul Quest
Tony T Robinson
Tracy Willis
Wayne Dyer

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