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Don’t insert a period….

imagesTrust that today’s disappointment isn’t the end of the story. Don’t insert a period where God only intends a comma….

Sharing an excerpt from a read on Proverbs 31 Ministries today. Keeping our hearts and minds open amidst disappointment can be trying at times. I’ll be tucking this one away for future use.

Have a wonderful weekend!


This got me to thinking…

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In walking the pups around the yard this morning, I was excited to see a few sprouts on a hydrangea bush I’ve been nursing. This got me to thinking…

First, you should probably understand its journey. In preparation for an upcoming move two years ago, a number of rose and hydrangea bushes were placed into pots. While the rose bushes have been flourishing in their new habitat, the hydrangea have struggled. The first season passed without much hope of survival and yet I continued to water… Spring brought buds and growth to one hydrangea which is now thriving. With a renewed optimism I decided to move two others from their shaded spots to another partial sun area. Immediately after the move one of the bushes became over run with ants sending it into shock. After sprinkling granules which extinguished the colony of ants, the little bush did not look like it would survive the move. Again I continued to water…

The pictures reflect the first bush as it evolved this Spring to now thrive, the bush which moved quietly and has been making a comeback, and the third little bush which after becoming over run with ants went into hiding and now with much nurturing has decided to reappear!

Back to, this got me to thinking… This got me to thinking about the power of faith! Faith that the roots would take ahold. Faith that even though I could not see the happenings beneath the soil they were happening none the less. What if this type of unknowing faith and subsequent grace were to be extended to mankind? To one another? This got me to thinking… about random acts of kindness, about awakening a sleeping soul, about extending grace to one whose struggles you do not understand.

This got me to thinking…

Bring it on August… I got this!

i will persevere 8-3-15

For me, blossoming as I am and accepting myself completely is an ongoing task. And I must confess… I have been struggling to find direction with regard to the blog and book work. Feeling like a duck out of water I have been pushing forward holding on tightly with hope that the next day or the next turn might shed some much needed light on things.

As I lay in bed this morning giving Him my first five minutes I opened my daily devotional email to find a powerful reminder of Who placed me on this path and the purpose of this journey. Here is an excerpt that I found particularly helpful from the devotional Proverbs 31 Setting Yourself Up For Success:

“… God spoke our key verse to Joshua as he took command of the nation of Israel and stared down a big job … cross a river and conquer a land full of unfriendly people and fortified cities. No small task for the new guy.

But, after God issued His orders, He did not go straight into battle plans. In fact, God didn’t talk war strategy at all. Instead, God told Joshua: Stick with me. It’s as if God knew our human tendencies to focus on the plan, instead of the Planner. To look to the goal instead of the Giver of the goal.

The key to Joshua’s victory would be his surrender to God. And the same is true for us today…”

As I read I realized that I too have been focusing on the plan instead of the planner. My focus has been on how best to fulfill without disappointing instead of remaining focused on the planner and letting Him take me where He wishes me to go. I was reminded that this journey I am working to fulfill is His hand at work and not mine to understand. And so, with His love in my heart despite continuing to feel unqualified, I will persevere. I will take it one step at a time with steady focus on Him and faith that He will provide the necessary tools. He will qualify me.

Bring it on August… I got this!