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Carving Out Time…


Carving out time…

My daughter and I recently ventured out west visiting 9 of Mother Nature’s wonders in 6 days. Not only were the locations magnificent, but the drive between each was equally as peaceful and beautiful. These wonders included National Parks, State Parks, Conservation Areas and one located on the Navajo Nation.

As I reflect on the vastness and digest the magnitude of years it took to create each, I am reminded that while each is spectacular in its own way, one thing they all have in common is time. It took time and patience to form the wonders we see today.

Time and patience do not always come easy for me. I tend to rush to judgement when I get off track. Is this something you do as well? Does this rush to judgement keep you from moving forward? I know I find myself letting it push me off track. It will take too long to get started again… I don’t have the time to give it… I have let it sit too long. These are some of the self-doubt chatters that can keep me from moving forward. This trip, these parks, these wonders, have reminded me that time is only an enemy if I allow it to be. I am reminded that each bit of time given is valuable whether it be large blocks or small blocks. Any amount of time will keep me moving forward. I am also reminded to be patient with myself. Patient when I encounter obstacles that can derail or delay my journey. Obstacles are inevitable, moving around them to continue forward is the task.

With this in mind, I will work to practice patient and forgiveness with myself when I get off track. I will work to remember that great journeys require time and patience. The important thing is to keep moving forward, to keep carving out time.

I am excited to see where this journey will take me…


Don’t insert a period….

imagesTrust that today’s disappointment isn’t the end of the story. Don’t insert a period where God only intends a comma….

Sharing an excerpt from a read on Proverbs 31 Ministries today. Keeping our hearts and minds open amidst disappointment can be trying at times. I’ll be tucking this one away for future use.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bring it on August… I got this!

i will persevere 8-3-15

For me, blossoming as I am and accepting myself completely is an ongoing task. And I must confess… I have been struggling to find direction with regard to the blog and book work. Feeling like a duck out of water I have been pushing forward holding on tightly with hope that the next day or the next turn might shed some much needed light on things.

As I lay in bed this morning giving Him my first five minutes I opened my daily devotional email to find a powerful reminder of Who placed me on this path and the purpose of this journey. Here is an excerpt that I found particularly helpful from the devotional Proverbs 31 Setting Yourself Up For Success:

“… God spoke our key verse to Joshua as he took command of the nation of Israel and stared down a big job … cross a river and conquer a land full of unfriendly people and fortified cities. No small task for the new guy.

But, after God issued His orders, He did not go straight into battle plans. In fact, God didn’t talk war strategy at all. Instead, God told Joshua: Stick with me. It’s as if God knew our human tendencies to focus on the plan, instead of the Planner. To look to the goal instead of the Giver of the goal.

The key to Joshua’s victory would be his surrender to God. And the same is true for us today…”

As I read I realized that I too have been focusing on the plan instead of the planner. My focus has been on how best to fulfill without disappointing instead of remaining focused on the planner and letting Him take me where He wishes me to go. I was reminded that this journey I am working to fulfill is His hand at work and not mine to understand. And so, with His love in my heart despite continuing to feel unqualified, I will persevere. I will take it one step at a time with steady focus on Him and faith that He will provide the necessary tools. He will qualify me.

Bring it on August… I got this!